Last Free Day on Amazon!

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Today is the last day to get AEGIS free on Amazon.     At midnight tonight, it will go back up in price, so if you have enjoyed it, don’t forget to tell a friend so they can get it free today.   Have a great Friday!   -Nathan

Do What You Were Made To Do- Part 1

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Today begins a new series titled ‘Do What You Were Made To Do.’     Last month, I took a poll with my readers about what they wanted to hear.  The results were 1. Using your God given talents 2. Character Backstory from the cast of AEGIS 3. Indie Publishing and the awesome new landscape for do-it-yourselfers.   In this … Read More

AEGIS: Free for 3 Days on Amazon!

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As many of you are aware, AEGIS won the eBook Miner’s Book of The Month contest on Goodreads.  In celebration of this victory, I will be making AEGIS free on Amazon for 3 days, starting today 10/15!   If you have not yet gotten the book because of the price, then now is your chance to get it for free! … Read More