Help Name Book 2 In The AEGIS Series!

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March Madness Is Not Only For Basketball

I have something pretty exciting for you today.  I think it will be something that we will both enjoy.

There is a saying that I believe to be true:

People will always support a world they help to create.

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In this spirit, I want you to be able to impact the direction of my writing, by giving your feedback.  Believe me, I listen to it all. This month, I have created a March Madness bracket, pitting multiple titles for the next AEGIS book against one another and you get to vote!



I want to know which is liked the best by my readers.  Though I will inevitably have to go with my gut on which title to use, you could help name the next awesome adventure epic in the AEGIS series.  Cool, right? Right?

So here it is.  There are 4 matches.  You get to vote to see which title gets to advance to the Final 4, to be announced in 1 week.  Base your votes solely on which titles would entice you, as a reader, to pick the book up off the shelf.  After the Final 4, you will get to vote on who goes to the Semi-Finals, and then the Ultimate Grand Winner.

The first book was AEGIS: Catalyst Grove

The second could be AEGIS: [winner of the bracket]


You must vote for the winner of each of the 4 Matches. You can either reply to this post, or vote via social media on:






Google +



Match 1: The 7 Pillars vs. King’s Gambit

Match 2: Countervail vs. Counter Strike

Match 3: Echelon vs. The Rift

Match 4: Fragments Vs. Aftermath



Feel free to comment below and let me know why you voted the way you did.

Let’s build the AEGIS world together!

See in in 1 week.