The Final 4- AEGIS Bracket

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The Final 4 Revealed!

Last week was pretty exciting!  Many of you voted via Facebook, Google + as well as replying to this newsletter. You are awesome!

I have tallied the votes and was thrilled to see the results.  Here are the winners of the first matches:




Last week, the voting was open for 5 days.  This time, however, it will only last for 2 days to keep the engagement levels high.  I will announce the winners of the Final 4 on Wednesday.  The match ups are:

  • The 7 Pillars vs. Countervail
  • The Rift vs. Fragments

As before, you can vote via the social links below or by replying to this newsletter.



I hope you are enjoying the bracket as much as I am.  Being able to engage with you all is a privilege.  See you on Wednesday.